1. Complaints 

The buyer is obliged to check the conformity, quantity and quality of the goods upon reception.  Complaints regarding the conformity of the goods are valid only if we are informed by the buyer immediately and no later than days (8) days following reception of the goods by registered letter or by facsimile message and on the condition that the goods concerned remain available for our inspection effected by us or our representative.

Discrepancies on the quantity of the goods and / or transport damages must be noted by the customer on the container B/L or lorry CMR or vehicle way bill and this document must also be signed by the driver of the vehicle.

If a complaint regarding the conformity of the goods is considered to be well founded by us, the buyer will be only entitled to either replacement of the goods or price reduction, at our option.  Compensation for consequential damage or anything else is excluded.

Any complaint regarding the contents of our invoices shall be considered valid only if notified in writing within eight (8) days following the invoice date.

  1. Warranty 

2.1. The following warranty conditions apply

(a) panel radiators: 10-year warranty period;

chrome towel warmers: 3-year warranty period;

painted towel warmers: 5-year warranty period,

starting from the invoicing date against:

(1) Leakage as a result of faulty manufacture. In case the leakage is caused by faulty installation and/or insufficient maintenance and/or faulty operation, the warranty does not apply. Leaks at an air vent, sealing plug, valve piece and/or equipment connection point are not covered by this warranty.

(2) Rust formation on lacquered radiator surfaces, except if the radiators have been installed in a humid room and/or an aggressive ambient atmosphere. The warranty does not apply either to radiators with a starting temperature of higher than 95°C, nor if due to faulty installation and/or maintenance and/or operation and/or any other reason the radiator lacquer surface gets damaged.

(b) accessories: 1-year-period warranty starting from the invoicing date:

(1) Malfunctioning as a result of a faulty manufacture. Accessories are air vents, sealing plugs, valve pieces, spacer tubes, mirrors, electric parts, grills, sidepanels, frontpanels etc. Malfunctioning or damage brought about during assembling both during and after the warranty period as a result of faulty installation and/or faulty operation and/or faulty maintenance will not be compensated.

(2) The Termo Teknik-accessories warranty will become void completely if the product is connected to or used with products not sold by the Producer.

(c)  the warranty is voided if the product is used in a manner or purpose or place which is not specifically accepted by the manufacturer.

2.2. And without prejudice to the above-mentioned provisions the following rules for installation and/or operation are to be thoroughly observed:

(a) max. installation pressure 10 bar, max. installation water temperature 95°C;

(b) professional radiator installation (NBN D 30-100, VDI 2035, BS 5449, DTU 65);

(c)  Before putting the heating system (conduit-pipes, radiators, etc.) into operation it should be cleaned with a universal cleaning agent. Next, fill the system with fresh water to which an inhibitor is added in order to effectively avoid the appearance of problems like internal corrosion, kettle scale deposit etc.

(d) All plastic sealing plugs have to be removed from the radiator connection points and replaced by metal (Termo Teknik) sealing plugs and control and return valves.

(e) During and after filling the heating system the functioning and water-tightness of all seals (valve, air vent, sealing plug etc.) of the radiators and the connections between the radiators and other parts of the heating system must be checked.

(f)  All supplied mounting brackets and accessories (plugs, screws, saddle strips, etc.) have to be used.

(g)  The mounting wall has to be sufficiently stable.

(h) After filling the unit has to be completely air-vented by air-venting each single radiator individually. The unit has to be and stay free of oxygen. The heating system must be a closed system with no possibility of air getting in.

(i)  Never clean radiators with an agent containing solvents, acids or other corrosive substances.

(j)  No ceramic humidifiers or other wet or water-permeable objects or elements should be in direct contact with the lacquered radiator surface.

(k)  If radiators prove to be damaged when delivered, the manufacturer should be notified immediately (within 8 days) using the provided procedure

(l)  Radiators shall be used only as radiant and convective heating units.

(m) (For safety reasons) using (towel) radiators as climbing frames or ladders is not allowed.

(n) The radiator design shall not be changed without prior written approval of the manufacturer. Product modifications are not allowed.

2.3. In any case the producer shall not be responsible for any faulty installation or installation failures.

2.4. In addition we give some points of advice for installation and maintenance that will certainly be favourable to the lifetime of your radiator:

(a) Handle/transport radiators with special care. The radiator should not drag on the ground. Radiators must be moved in upright position, for especially longer radiators not to be bent. During transportation the radiator corners shall not be loaded.

Scratched lacquer and other damage can cause formation of rust on short or long term.

(b) Thorough maintenance of the unit shall be effected at least once per year. Check the functioning of the unit and check the elements and connections for leakage.

(c)  After putting the radiators into operation they should always be filled with water. This avoids contact between the radiator inside surface and air and formation of internal corrosion.

(d) Radiators shall not be stocked in open air (rain) or humid rooms. If penetrated moisture is visible, the packing has to be opened immediately for the radiators to dry.

(e) In order to avoid frost damages the radiators must be kept running during the winter season, thereby avoiding formation of ice within the product.

2.5. In no way warranty coverage can be considered if the radiators have been exposed to fresh water supply, excessively high air-humidity or chemical or other aggressive substances unless according to our provisions the radiators specifically comply with the environment-related requirements.

2.6. This warranty coverage includes only repair or replacement of the radiators or the components that we recognise to be defect excluding all expenses related to labour, handling and transportation and excluding any compensation for damages. In no way will the buyer be entitled to any compensation for consequential damage.

If the established defects are due to damaging or unprofessional use or insufficient maintenance by the buyer or third parties, and if the radiators have been repaired, transformed or altered by the buyer or third parties without our prior written approval, the present warranty is cancelled by law.

2.7. If present warranty is subject to additional conditions, these may be the object of a separate warranty certificate.

  1. Liability for Product Details

Any information and technical data on our products stated in catalogues, brochures and other written material shall be treated as approximate indications and shall not be binding for us.

We do not assume any liability for the buyer’s selection of the product, including product compatibility, or for the use and results thereof, unless expressly agreed in writing.

We do not assume any liability for the buyer’s selection of any supplementary equipment, service or installation required to be used together with the products, or for the use and results thereof.

  1. Liability for Defects

Subject to compliance with the agreed terms of payment and punctual filing of the complaint, we shall remedy defects notified to us in writing, by registered letter or by facsimile message, on discovery without undue delay, under the express condition that the goods remain available for inspection effected by us or by our representative.

This liability shall not include defects owing to causes that have arisen after the passing of the risk to the buyer, except for defects that fall within the warranty conditions under article 1 of these General Terms and Conditions of Warranty.

If the complaint is considered to be well founded by us, the buyer will only be entitled to either replacement of the goods or a price reduction, at our option.

If the goods have been modified or serviced by others than us or a repairer indicated by us, or if the goods have been damaged or applied for purposes other than intended, or in the event of non-compliance of the installation, operation, and maintenance with our instructions, we may refuse to remedy the defects and we will not in any case be liable for the defects.

Our obligations/liability in respect of defects shall be limited to the above. We shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses, including consequential losses, property damage, loss of profits, and similar, costs or damage.

To the extent we incur liability towards a third party, the buyer shall indemnify us to the same extent that our liability is limited in accordance with the above mentioned clauses and the buyer will hold us free and harmless against any and all claims of such third party.

We shall not be liable for damage to property or movables caused by the goods after delivery has taken place and whilst in the possession of the buyer, including, but not limited to, damage to products manufactured by the buyer, or to products of which the buyer’s products form a part.

  1. The buyer’s obligations

The buyer-wholesaler shall be obliged to provide all technical documents, which it received from us together with the Product (such as mounting-instructions, technical documentation,), to its own clients (consumers, installers and others).